John Desnoyers-Stewart is a Professional Engineer and Aspiring Artist who is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Regina. Building upon a background in engineering and marketing, his research focuses on the application of emerging technology in art to improve the communication between the artist, artwork, and viewer. Currently he is investigating the potential of virtual reality as a creative tool to transcend perception, beyond replication and simulation, through its ability to immerse and connect with the viewer. He intends to use this new medium to go beyond the conventional definitions of localized and distributed media to create works that blur the boundary between mass media and fine art. He is also applying the findings back to engineering and technology to improve the creative process and bring together these symbiotic disciplines that can benefit from improved understanding and intercommunication.

Research Interests
  • Immersive Technologies
    • Virtual/Mixed Reality
    • 3D Stereoscopy
    • Binaural Sound
  • Communication Theory
  • Interaction of Art and Technology
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
    • Biocomposites

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